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Portable Yard Ramps for Forklifts | Loading Dock Ramps

Generally, yard ramps consider an essential part of docking systems. Likewise, these ramps serve two primary purposes: to facilitate loading a truck trailer from the ground with forklifts or other equipment. Secondly, to enable loading and unloading between the ground level and a dock. Similarly, a portable yard ramp is the most convenient way to handle the freight and logistics equipment receiving and loading.

Moreover, a portable loading dock allows forklifts to access shipping containers or semi-trailers at the loading dock level. It can be easily moved to different locations within a shipping and receiving yard. In addition, these consider essential productivity tools, enabling users to transport heavy equipment from the ground to the loading dock level. They are primarily used to reduce the loading and unloading of semi-trailer trucks at locations without a loading dock. Still, they can also allow vehicles to enter a warehouse through a loading dock door.

Brief about portable yard ramps and industries that prefer them

Nowadays, yard ramps are designed to make loading and unloading at dock stations easier. Likewise, they can move loads between the dock and ground level and allow traffic to move from the ground onto a truck bed. On the other hand, you can easily transform unused space into a freight-handling center with portable loading docks. These highly versatile ramps can increase current dock capacity without further construction. They allow you to access trucks, railcars, or buildings at ground level, and their mobility makes it simple to move them from one job site to another. 

You can use a portable yard forklift or lift truck to handle freight on these ramps anywhere you need. The standard material for ramps is Steel, but you can also select aluminum ramps with steel grating. If you are looking for the best deals for dock ramps, then our ramps are compatible with trucks and forklifts, and we offer both mini and portable options. By selecting the load capacity, length, and width, you can customize the yard ramps to fit your truck and load needs. Let's check with the primary industries that always require yard ramps



Warehouses handle many products and need efficient ways to load and unload them. One solution includes portable docks, which can create an extra loading area during busy times. Likewise, these ramps are easy to move and can be anywhere accessible to trucks or other vehicles. With a loading ramp, warehouse workers can use forklifts or pallet jacks to transport goods directly onto vehicles, making the process safe and efficient.

Train Ramp Yards

However, it is possible to load and unload train cars without a loading ramp, but using dock ramps looks much more effective and secure. Similarly, Gold Key Equipment is a reputable company that constructs specialized railcar loading dock ramps designed for train yards. These ramps are built with three pieces and can be easily attached to any train car. They provide more space for equipment, such as forklifts, to operate and ensure maximum safety in all weather conditions.

Manufacturing Structures

Moreover, companies that produce vehicles, heavy equipment, and consumer technology receive several deliveries of materials every week. They use portable loading ramps to accept and quickly move these materials to the production line to ensure safety and efficiency. In addition to loading finished products onto trucks, these ramps can serve as dependable mobile loading bays.

Shipping Yards

It is designed specifically for outdoor use and is weatherproof. They are ideal for outdoor shipping yards where large amounts of shipping containers and truck trailers are loaded and unloaded. Some of these ramps even come with wheels, making moving them around during the day easier. This immensely increases productivity, still ensuring safety and stability.

What are the advantages of the portable loading docks?

As discussed above, Portable yard ramps consider versatile and convenient for loading and unloading heavy equipment and materials. These can bridge the gap between a truck or trailer and the ground, allowing for easy transfer of goods. Additionally, these consider best-in-class material handling solutions that can safely manage heavy goods. Most portable loading docks include lift sleeves, steel legs, movable curb sections, and steel tread plate decking.  

Advantages of the Portable Yard Ramps for Industries


Moving portable loading dock ramps from one location to another on the job site is easier than fixing dock ramps. This makes them perfect for businesses that load and unload goods in other areas.


They can load and unload various equipment and materials, from forklifts and pallets to vehicles and heavy machinery. This versatility means businesses can use a single ramp for multiple tasks, reducing the need for various ramps or docks.

A pocket-friendly solution

Likewise, portable loading dock ramps are also a cost-effective solution. They are much less expensive than building a permanent loading dock and require minimal upkeep. This makes them a great option for small businesses or those on a tight budget.

Suitable for smaller to larger industries

Portable loading yard ramps are convenient, flexible, and cost-effective for loading and unloading heavy equipment and materials. However, as per your business size, you can streamline your industrial processes and improve your bottom line with a portable yard ramp.

Convenience to use

Further, a portable folding ramp is a convenient solution to access a vehicle or load/unload your mobility device. You won't have to deal with heavy ramps each time because the folding system allows you to easily deploy the ramp when needed, fold it up, and store it away when you're done. This applies to getting in and out of the vehicle and loading and unloading your device.

Needs Less Maintenance

If you're looking for a low-maintenance yard ramp for your wheelchair, a portable folding ramp is a great option. Unlike in-floor ramps, they don't require complex or costly maintenance to stay in good condition. You can brush off any dirt, rubble, or gravel. In addition, portable ramps don't have any electrical components, so you won't have to worry about continuous maintenance preventing you from using your ramp.

Versatility to use

These compact ramps can help those with mobility issues navigate curbs, stairs, and other raised areas. They are also considered great for entering and exiting homes, vehicles, and buildings.

Types of manufacturing materials used for the construction of Dock Ramps

When looking for portable yard ramps, choosing suitable materials is crucial. The materials will determine the ramp's strength, durability, and weight. You may also consider load capacity, portability, and budget when choosing materials for your portable yard ramps. By selecting suitable materials, you can choose a perfect and desired portable yard ramp that is strong, durable, and efficient. In addition, most freight experts prefer portable yard ramps for comfort and easy installation. Also, we recommend you Gold Key Equipment manufacturers in the USA that have worked in this industry for the last 50+ years. 


Here are some materials that are perfect for creating portable yard ramps:

Portable steel dock ramps

It provides a stable alternative to other ramp types when upgrading your material handling setup. Likewise, to ensure peak productivity in your workspace, safety should be your top priority. In addition, you can customize the steel dock ramp, including the latest safety features that meet your requirements. You can even add elements from other portable loading docks through fabrication. Likewise, Steel considers another popular material for portable loading dock ramps. It is strong, durable, and can handle heavy loads. However, steel yard ramps tend to be heavier than aluminum ramps.

Aluminum dock ramp

If you want a reliable, lightweight, and strong dock system for your warehouse, consider using aluminum dock ramps, as they are a lightweight alternative to steel ones. Unlike steel ramps, they can easily move without needing a forklift. However, using these ramps can improve your efficiency and productivity as they streamline the loading and unloading of freight from any area in your warehouse. Moreover, Aluminum is a popular choice for portable yard ramps due to its lightweight and durable properties. It is also corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use.


Generally, Wood is a classic material for yard ramps. It is affordable, readily available, and easily customized to fit any size or shape. However, wood ramps require more maintenance than aluminum or steel ramps. Similarly, it is less common and stable, so do not accessible for heavy-duty industries. 

The Bottom line is

The portability of these portable yard ramps allows you to set them up and take them down at your convenience, improving efficiency and freeing up yard space. Further, a solid locking system keeps the ramp stable during use, even if the ramp has wheels. With weight capacities of up to 30,000 lb, these ramps are reliable and portable enough to meet the demands of heavy equipment industries. You can choose from various configurations, including heavy-duty forklifts, yards, self-standing, and railcar ramps. If you want to know more about the convenience of the yard and walk service ramps, please read our blog section at goldkeyequipment.com.