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Differentiate the Mold-on Rubber Wheels & Polyurethane Casters

Let’s drive smoothly…

Mobility of vehicles, warehouse machinery, and heavy goods transportation is impossible without caster and wheels solutions. Similarly, wheels and casters reduce the workforce in the industries while shifting the heavy goods.

Therefore, caster and wheels solutions are vital in increasing productivity, saving time, and improving work efficiency. However, wheels and casters consider ergonomics as they handle loading and unloading without much physical strain and bending.

Basically, a variety of mold-on-rubber wheels and Polyurethane casters is available in the market; lets’ differentiate the mold-on-rubber wheels and Polyurethane casters -

Mold-on Rubber Wheels

The mold-on-rubber tires are shock-absorbing and offer the best floor protection with a smooth ride for load transportation. Similarly, the heavy-duty wheels are cushioned enough on the cast-iron core to provide a smooth and noise-free ride with excellent grip. Therefore, rubber casters consider top-notch caster and wheels solutions.

Moreover, mold-on rubber wheels are available in various sizes. These meet all the customer needs for transporting carts and replacing goods on costly floors and wet environments. Additionally, rubber casters are suitable for factory uses, platform trucks, food areas, minor waste bins, hotels, etc.

Consequently, the high-quality-marking solid rubber wheels are heavy-duty tires with anti-friction bearings for long-term use and durability for industries. In addition, mold-on rubber casters are synthetic resistant like fuel, soluble bases, oils, etc., and can be recycled after discarding.

Besides this, rubber wheels or pneumatic casters come as hard or soft rubber wheels on cast-iron or steel centers. These are designed and differentiated according to the industry demand and used for indoor and outdoor environments.

Polyurethane Casters

Polyurethane casters are made of more than two chemicals which give them a range of properties like durability, non-flattening, hardness, and resistance from grease, oil, chemicals, and other solvents. The PU casters are the best caster and wheels solutions to use on harsh surfaces.

Generally, not all Polyurethane casters are good, but the best quality PU wheels always meet the user’s expectations. Additionally, these are lightweight and non-marking, with excellent floor protection. However, these wheels can carry hefty weights and are split and tear-resistant.

Besides this, Polyurethane casters come in various colors as per their hardness, durability, and hardness to transport loads. Likewise, these casters have load capacities and come with paddle lock designs or auto lock systems. However, polypropylene wheels or Nylon casters are also members of PU casters.

In addition, PU casters are chemical and solvent resistant, which lessens the noise and gives high grip and traction. Moreover, these wheels are cost-effective with long-life cycles with thermoplastic and Aluminum centers. Similarly, PU wheels have dual swivels and are the best deal for your money.

On the other hand, Polyurethane wheels are available in two categories: Rigid and Swivel. The rigid wheels are fixed, while the swivel casters have a raceway that assists them in turning in any direction. These are shock absorbers with excellent hardness, so they are used for indoor and outdoor transportation.

Bringing joy to Every Journey

 Overall, both mold-on rubber wheels and Polyurethane casters are designed for the commercial industries and transportation of the items. So, caster and wheels solutions are the best ergonomic solutions for warehouses and industries.

Likewise, mold-on rubber wheels have work efficiency and load capacity, so they can bear a limited load and wear, tear or lose pieces of tread over time. The metal alloy wheel or rubber wheel comes with a single axle for movement and does not possess any specific locking in every model.

On the other hand, Polyurethane casters are designed from special chemical bondings and are wear-tear proof with outstanding chemical resistance. These are temperature friendly and have full-throttle load efficiencies.


These are cost-effective and non-marking with swivel and rigid forms with manual and auto lock systems. All in all, Polyurethane casters are pretty good than mold-on rubber wheels. Now, place your order at goldkeyequipment.com for affordable and contact at Sales@goldkeyequipment.com for hot deals on caster and wheels.