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Cylinder Handling Easier Than Ever!

Cylinder Handling Easier Than Ever!

If you utilize torches, welders, and regulators on a frequent basis, you'll almost certainly have to move cylinders around your workspace. Transporting big cylinders, whether medical gasses, industrial gasses, or speciality gasses, is a difficult undertaking, and moving cylinders manually can be dangerous. Dragging or rolling cylinders from one location to another, at the very least, risks breaking or wearing the cylinder. 

We have a huge range of cylinder carts at Gold Key Equipment that are designed to make transporting cylinders and welding equipment quick, convenient, and safe. There are two sorts of carts:

Welding Torch Carts

You can use these carts to transport a torch, hoses, cylinders, and regulators all at once. In an industrial setting, it's usual to have to move welding equipment around on a frequent basis to handle maintenance or repeated operations. A welding torch cart will make carrying heavy welding equipment more organized and simple. The majority of welding cylinders and torch carts have two rear wheels for tilt and go mobility. Some carts have built-in fork pockets for forklift transport in addition to wheels.


Welding Cylinder Cart

Welding cylinder carts are only designed to transport welding cylinders. A welding cylinder cart is useful if your welding equipment or cutting torch is stationary and the only thing you need to do on a regular basis is replace empty cylinders with filled ones. It's a far better and safer alternative to rolling, carrying, or dragging cylinders.

Foam-filled wheels, as opposed to ordinary pneumatic wheels, are a common option on cylinder carts. Welding cylinder carts with fire suppression are also available. For added safety, these carts have a fire-resistant construction that works as a fire protection barrier.

Choosing the correct cylinder cart is mostly determined by individual needs, such as how frequently and how far the cylinders must be transported, as well as whether other welding equipment (torches, etc.) must accompany them. Please visit goldkeyequipment.com or call (260) 214-8775
for more information on our Torch or Cylinder carts.



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