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Drum Truck: Lift and Transport 30 & 50 Gallon Drums

In the fast-paced environment of warehouses and manufacturing facilities, material handling can be a challenging task. Balancing productivity while ensuring employee safety is crucial. Instead of adding more workforce and increasing labor costs, investing in high-quality equipment can be the solution. If your team frequently deals with lifting and transporting heavy 30 and 55 gallon drums, it's time to consider a reliable drum truck from Gold Key Equipment.

Handling heavy drums can be physically demanding and risky. With weights reaching up to 500 lbs. and sometimes even 1,500 lbs., relying on a few employees to manually handle these drums is not only cumbersome but also dangerous. To streamline operations and minimize the risk of employee injuries, a heavy-duty drum jack is an essential investment. Most drum jacks come equipped with a manual hydraulic foot or hand pump for easy lifting. Some models, like those with front straddle legs, allow for lifting drums off pallets. With steel jaws or other secure attachment mechanisms, the drums remain stable during transport.

At Gold Key Equipment, we offer a variety of drum trucks to suit your specific needs. For drums weighing up to 800 lbs., the DRUM-55-FSP model with a hydraulic hand pump is a reliable choice. If you deal with even heavier drums, the Vestil DCR-880-H can handle loads up to 1,500 lbs., featuring a standard hydraulic foot pump. To enhance productivity, consider investing in a drum jack with a DC-powered lift if you handle a larger volume of drums per day. These models offer similar capacities without the need for manual pumping, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

With drum trucks from Gold Key Equipment, you can achieve both efficiency and safety in your material handling operations. Browse our wide selection of reliable and durable material handling equipment on our website, goldkeyequipment.com. For inquiries or further information, please don't hesitate to contact us at (260) 214-8775. Experience the difference that high-quality equipment can make in your facility's productivity and employee well-being.

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