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A Manual Pallet Stacker Saves Time and Money

A Manual Pallet Stacker Saves Time and Money

Working with shipments to load and unload them is one of the more time-consuming elements of managing items in a firm. This is especially true if personnel must deal with pallets weighing hundreds or thousands of pounds on a daily basis. The good news is that if you don't have a huge number of pallets to empty on a daily basis, you won't require a costly forklift to unload and carry your pallets. In this scenario, a manual pallet stacker offers the volume and mobility you want at an affordable price.

Manual Pallet Stackers

One of our most popular models, the VHPS-2000-AA Manual Hydraulic Pallet Stacker, has a 2,000-pound lift capacity, lift heights of 1 3/8" to 63", and the ability to accommodate both conventional pallets and open-bottom skids. It's ideal for loading and unloading trucks using this stacker. Manual stackers are less expensive and require less maintenance than powered stackers; because there are no batteries to charge, there's no risk of the stacker running out of power during a particularly hard day.

Manual straddle stackers have the capacity to modify the forks and support legs, allowing the legs to straddle a pallet with an understructure, allowing the forks to enter. Hand-pump and winch style manual pallet stackers are available from Gold Key Equipment to help you get the job done. Our purpose is straightforward: Provide dependable, cost-effective, and adaptable equipment to make your workplace safer and more productive.

Manual Pallet Stacker

Of course, manual pallet stackers cannot replace a full-size forklift, but they can accomplish all of the same activities as a powered pallet stacker and can certainly help in instances when a forklift would be useful but not required. Please call Gold Key equipment @ (260) 214-8775
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