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A Pallet Carousel Can Increase Your Warehouse Productivity

A Pallet Carousel Can Increase Your Warehouse Productivity

Warehouse operators and manufacturers need the right tools to be productive, which means matching pallet handling equipment to the processes your team does on a daily basis. A pallet carousel is one such device that might assist you in maintaining a smooth manufacturing line.

  • Benefits of a carousel include the ability to spin pallets and other goods 360 degrees.
  • It is easy for employees to load and unload.
  • Powered carousels function at the flip of a switch and may be mounted to work benches, scissor tables, or set on the ground.

An industrial carousel can be ordered with or without a tread plate top for traction, depending on the duties you undertake. The Vestil CA-KP Carousel can handle loads of up to 6,000 pounds (Kingpin). When working in a small area, flexibility is sometimes required, but many businesses lack the tools that make repetitive jobs easier and more effective for staff. As a result, workers frequently squander time and motion, spending more time than is necessary when they might be doing something else. Pallet carousels come in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your demands. Taking a look at a few different possibilities will help you figure out which one is ideal for your business:

  • Carousel tops come in both round and square shapes.
  • Tread plates range in size from 1/4" for 4,000 lb. to 3/8" for 6,000 lb.
  • Offset loading of 50% of the capacity on 50% of the deck is possible with the Kingpin Vestil CA Carousel.
  • In a 115v single-phase unit, stand-alone powered carousels provide variable-speed control.
  • The POW-CAR-50 variants are simple to use with a forklift.
  • The POW-CAR-LP variants are ideal for forklift or pallet truck access.

Details matter when it comes to an industrial carousel. With a little forethought, you may tailor the carousel to your company's requirements. Call Gold Key Equipment for the perfect tools for your business, or go to www.goldkeyequipment.com for more information.

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