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Make Your Warehouse More Efficient with Electric Pallet Jacks

Make Your Warehouse More Efficient With Electric Pallet Jacks

How do you manage your heavy lifting requirements? Consider the advantages of electric pallet jacks, also known as an electric pallet truck, if you're still utilizing manual pallet jacks. Although the manual pallet jack has its purposes and applications, for some tasks, investing in an electric pallet jack saves time and money.

Are you unfamiliar with the benefits of an electric pallet jack? Continue reading to discover more about electric pallet jacks & how they differ from manual pallet jacks.

What is an Electric Pallet Jack, and how does it work?

For minor heavy lifting jobs, you're probably already using a pallet jack. They're perfect for picking things up in confined locations like warehouse aisles because of their tiny size and mobility. Unlike ordinary pallet jacks, an electric pallet jack lifts by using electricity from a battery pack. They can travel a greater distance in less time than manual pallet jacks because of this. You should expect higher productivity as a result of being able to cover more distance in less time. They may appear to be quite similar to a forklift at this stage, but keep in mind that a forklift is considerably larger and more expensive. For the hardest lifting, forklifts are best used in larger, less busy places. Pallet jacks that are powered by electricity are more compact, quieter, and cost-effective.


Manual vs. Electric Pallet Jacks

Although the manual pallet jack is not outdated, there are significant distinctions between the two, as well as several advantages to using an electric pallet jack.

First and foremost, manual pallet jacks rely on hydraulics and a pump handle to operate. Manual/hydraulic lifting and pushing takes time, which is where electric comes in handy. Electric pallet jacks simply get the work done faster since they use electricity to manage motorized movement.

Furthermore, while super-strength is not necessary to utilize a manual pallet jack, it does put the operator under considerable physical strain. Because the lifting and pushing for power jacks is totally done by battery power, manual pallet jacks often cannot bear the same load as an electric pallet truck.

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Where Can I Get an Electric Pallet Jack?

If you're looking for Electric Pallet Jacks, you've come to the right place.

For your lifting needs, Gold Key Equipment provides a variety of pallet jack alternatives, including electric pallet jacks. We also sell pallet jacks from a number of manufacturers, including electric pallet jacks from reputable names like Vestil. Request a Free Estimate!

Please contact Gold Key Equipment if you'd like to learn more about electric pallet jacks. You can rely on us to assist you with deep industry expertise.

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