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Use A Portable Hopper To Easily Move Bulk Materials

Use A Portable Hopper To Easily Move Bulk Materials

Bulk material handling and transportation can be difficult. You've undoubtedly witnessed personally how difficult it can be to handle little things, garbage, chips, and other bulk materials in your firm. Smaller objects are sometimes the most difficult to manage. Gold Key Equipment maintains a large range of steel portable hoppers designed to make bulk material handling easier.


Why Use a Portable Hopper??

Bulk goods can, in fact, be poured into a barrel or box and carried using a forklift. However, this method is frequently less efficient than utilizing equipment created expressly for the purpose. The Vestil hopper is a multipurpose hopper that we enjoy. You may wheel these portable hoppers from one location to another using the integrated casters, or transfer them by forklift utilizing the built-in fork pockets. When carrying the hopper with a forklift, the hopper may be tilted 90°, allowing the contents to be easily emptied into a bigger container or another place.

 portable steel hopper

A variety of steel hopper sizes are offered. For example, we have the Vestil P-HOP-0.5 with a.5 cubic yard capacity, the Vestil P-HOP-1 with a 1 cubic yard capacity, and the Vestil P-HOP-1.5 with a 1.5 cubic yard capacity. All three of these famous steel hoppers have a maximum weight capacity of 2,000 lbs. The fact that these hoppers have two modes of transport (casters or forklift) and three sizes makes it simple to pick one that fits your needs.


Overall, a steel hopper is a fantastic addition to any bulk material handling plant. They are suitable for assuring the efficiency and safety of the material handling operation. If you need help determining which hopper is ideal for your application, please contact Goldkeyequipment.com


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