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Enhance Forklift Efficiency with Versatile Forklift Attachments in 2023

Enhance Forklift Efficiency with Versatile Forklift Attachments in 2023

Forklift trucks are indispensable in businesses that handle heavy loads, providing essential support for assembly and transportation tasks. However, to maximize their productivity and efficiency, utilizing the right forklift attachments is crucial. These attachments are designed to tackle specific scenarios, making tasks more efficient and convenient. At Gold Key Equipment, we understand the importance of optimizing forklift performance, and we offer a range of high-quality attachments to meet your needs. In this article, we will explore some of the most sought-after forklift attachments that can boost your operations in 2023.

7 Versatile Forklift Attachments to Consider

While numerous forklift attachments are available on the market, we have curated a selection of noteworthy options to highlight their benefits.

Hoisting Hooks and Hitches

Compatible hoisting hooks and hitches are essential for lifting heavy objects with your forklift. These attachments enable the forklift to lift loads from a seated position to a specified height, facilitating efficient transportation within your workspace. By utilizing hoisting hitches, you can securely tie heavy objects to the forklift, eliminating the need for manual dragging and enhancing work accessibility.


Hoppers play a vital role in temporary material storage. Whether it's waste materials like cardboard or scrap metal, hoppers offer a convenient solution for dumping and storing them. With specialized balancing capabilities, forklift truck hoppers ensure optimal positioning when loaded and can be efficiently lowered to release collected waste. By attaching dumping hoppers to your forklift, you can increase its efficiency and prevent accidental dumping.

Beam Mover

In construction areas or workplaces where I-beams are prevalent, a beam mover attachment becomes invaluable. These attachments enhance the maneuverability of I-beams, which can be challenging to handle otherwise. Beam movers feature specific pocketing for adjusting beam positions, allowing for smooth movements and secure adjustments in various construction areas. Some beam movers are even coated with powder for added durability, making them ideal for rugged tasks.

Fork Truck Plastic Magnetic Storage

When it comes to carrying additional parts and tools with your forklift, magnetic storage bins provide a convenient solution. These bins can be placed at desired points on your forklift, allowing you to store required tools and items securely. With lightweight plastic construction, magnetic storage bins are resistant to abrasion and easy to install, enhancing the functionality of your forklift without compromising space.

Drum Attachments

Transporting steel drums in the workplace requires appropriate attachments for your forklift. Drum attachments enable efficient and safe lifting of steel drums and barrels. They come in both horizontal and vertical lifters, providing versatile options for picking, displacing, and even dispensing racks. By incorporating drum handling equipment, you can further optimize the transportation of drums and increase productivity.

Lift Master Booms

Lifting booms can be a challenging task, especially for inexperienced forklift operators. Lift Master Booms provide a reliable solution, featuring a 36" chain for safe and efficient operation. With two lifting hooks, these booms ensure damage-free lifting, offering long-term durability and convenience.

Fork Truck Floor Scraper

For effectively collecting waste or scrap material and moving it to a targeted position, the Fork Truck Floor Scraper is the ideal attachment. Designed to remove collected waste, this attachment comes with angled blade ends to prevent spillage. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual waste collection at construction sites, as this attachment efficiently clears every last bit of waste.

By equipping your forklift with the right attachments, you can significantly enhance productivity and ease of operation. At Gold Key Equipment, we offer a wide range of high quality Fork Truck attachements.

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