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Everything You Need to Know About Industrial Ladders

Everything You Need to Know About Industrial Ladders

Easy access to your entire warehouse is very important as it will improve efficiency. That means that having equipment such as warehouse ladders otherwise known as industrial ladders, is a very important piece of equipment. In this article we will be taking you through the following:

  • Why do you need industrial ladders?
  • Tips and tricks on how to use industrial ladders?
  • What to look out for when buying industrial ladders?
  • Where can you get industrial ladders?

Before we get started, what are industrial ladders?     

What Are Industrial Ladders?

Industrial ladders are used for climbing up or down to access higher levels.  The sets of rungs or steps are either vertical or inclined. Industrial ladders make it easier to access hard to reach areas and minimize the chances of a hazard. There are many different types and heights to fit any need.


Now that we have that out of the way, let’s down to business. Shall we?

Why Do You Need Industrial Ladders?

Often, the importance of ladders in workspaces like warehouses and construction sites is undermined. But the truth is it is one of the key tools in working environments. They are handy when there's a need to access a higher level. It also serves as a safety measure preventing workers from falling. When you think about it, industrial ladders are essential in every warehouse and construction site.


Furthermore, below are some reasons why you need to have industrial ladders. 


  • Avert likely liabilities: As the cost of business continues to rise, it’s important that your business is protected from potential damages to a large extent. That is why you need to invest in industrial ladders in your workspace. It’s no secret that a lot of companies have been made to settle liabilities-related fees. Sometimes, this can tarnish the reputation of a brand or company.
  • A safe and better working condition for your employers: If you run a firm that takes safety measures seriously, then you should consider industrial ladders. 


Industrial ladders will make your employers feel safe while performing their tasks. And when they feel safe, they will work efficiently as a team with their colleagues. However, feeling safe is beyond investing in Industrial ladders. Set up workshops, training, or seminars on safety and how to use the equipment for their own safety. This brings us to the next segment, how to use industrial ladders. 

Dos and Don’t When You Are Using Industrial Ladders

  • Whether you are climbing on or off a ladder, ensure that you are facing a ladder.
  • Don’t set up ladders close to electric power lines.
  • When working with both hands, ensure that one of your legs is locked around a rung.
  • Avoid using metal industrial ladders in locations you are likely to come in contact with electricity.

What to Look Out for When Buying Industrial Ladders?

According to the CDC, 43% of deadly accidental falls are from ladders. Some of these falls are genuinely from accidents. However, some could have been avoided by deciding on the best ladders. Here, we will be looking at some of the things you need to look out for when buying industrial ladders.


  • Height: The height is as important as the quality of an industrial ladder. Don’t randomly buy industrial ladders. Ladders come in different heights which range from 2 to 22 feet. Therefore, take a measurement before you climb a ladder.   


  • Material: Industrial ladders are fashioned with different materials such as plastics, fiberglass, aluminium, steel, and wood. Now each of these materials has their merit and demerit. Take your time to figure which works best for you.


  • Capacity: The capacity of industrial ladders is within the range of 70kgs to 100kgs. When you consider this factor, it’s paramount that you consider the level of usage. Is your usage level frequent? Or perhaps once in a while? Apart from that,  the weight of the user (employers) and the equipment they used on the ladder. 


  • Durability: Not everyone has the luxury of climbing ladders without the fear of falling. No doubt mounting ladders can be scary. That is why you have to ensure that the industrial ladders you buy are sturdy and can stand the test of time. Additionally, there are industrial ladders in the market that provide more safety features like grip of the ladders. Those types of ladders have a higher level of durability.

Conclusion - Where You Can Get Industrial Ladders?

As mentioned earlier, it’s important that you invest on the best industrial ladder. At Gold Key Equipment, we specialize industrial ladders that are sturdy and fashioned with some of the materials. Some of our product includes:

  • Maintenance Ladders
  • Alternating-Tread Stairs
  • Alternating Step Crossover Ladders
  • Commercial Spring Loaded Ladders
  • Roll-a-Fold Ladders
  • Tip-N-Roll Mobile Ladders
  • Crosss-Over Ladders
  • Rolling Warehouse Ladders (12-16 Step)
  • Rolling Warehouse Ladders (6-11step)
  • Aluminum Ladder/Cart
  • Tank Access Ladders
  • Modular Style Stairways
  • Semi-Trailer Access Ladders 
  • Cross-Over Vertical Ladders
  • Modular Steel Work Platform Systems 
  • Standard Slope Ladders 
  • Mezzanine Ladders (Face Mounted/Retractable)
  • Aluminum Telescopic Ladders
  • Folding Ladders With Wheels 
  • Walk-Thru Style Dock Ladders 
  • Ladder Transporter 
  • Ladder Tool Trays 


We also specialize in all other kinds of industrial equipment. For more info about our industrial ladders and other products please visit goldkeyequipment.com