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Best Tips for Dockboard Safety

We provide a wide selection of solid and long-lasting loading dockboards to make loading and unloading easier. To survive frequent cargo transfers, our dockboards are intended to bridge the distance between delivery vehicles and your warehouse's dock bumper. While our dockboards are outfitted with a variety of safety measures to guarantee dependable operation, it's critical to safeguard the safety of your employees and your organization by following correct dockyard practice. Here are five pointers to ensure dockyard safety and handling:

Check to see if your dockboard can withstand the weight.

Before each use, double-check that your dockboard can withstand the maximum planned load. This covers not just the weight of the item, but also material handling equipment such as forklifts and the personnel who will use that equipment. We propose increasing the capacity of the greatest capacity vehicle to be utilized on your dockboard by three to determine its minimum capacity.

Check that your dockboard is the correct size.

We have dockboards that meet the specs of your dock. To establish the right length of your dockboard, you must know the Height Differential (the height of the tallest trailer minus the dock height) and the Type of Loading Equipment being utilized. Match your height disparity to our list of minimal lengths with our Dockplate & Dockboard Selection Guide. In terms of breadth, we recommend that a dockboard be at least 12 inches wider than the total width of the equipment or pallet being utilized, since bigger boards improve mobility.

Before each use, inspect your Dockboard.

Consider each loading experience as though it were your first time utilizing the dockboard. In order to ensure that your dockboard is safe to use, properly inspect it. Check for indicators of damage such as fractures, missing nuts or bolts, malfunctioning locking legs/span locks, or scarred side curbs. DO NOT USE THE DOCKBOARD IF YOU FIND A PROBLEM DURING YOUR INSPECTION.

Set Up The Loading Area

Have you taken any precautions to secure the unloading zone? Check that the dockboard is centered and that the locking legs and span locks are securely fastened. Dockboards should also be utilized only when the wheel chocks/dock locks and vehicle/trailer restraints are in place, or the truck and trailer will shift during loading.

Do not attempt to lift it by yourself.

Dockboards are fairly hefty pieces of equipment, and employees should never attempt to move one on their own. As a result, it's recommended to adopt the buddy system and team-lifting procedures to avoid damage. Many dockboards include lifting handles to aid in manual lifting, and some even have forklift lifting eyes. Lift accessories such as lift chains, forklift loops, and notched pockets are available from us.

Do you need assistance selecting the best dockboard for your company? If you'd like to chat with one of our knowledgeable representatives about any of our goods, contact us at sales@goldkeyequipment.com