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Dock Plate Vs. Dock Leveler: Main Differences Explained

Dock Plate Vs. Dock Leveler: Main Differences Explained

You might be unloading and loading items from trailers and loading docks when you’ll see that sometimes that just isn’t possible. It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort to load and unload these items from place to place, and that is where dock plates and dock levelers take action.

But even though they have the same purpose, they are entirely different from each other. Why? Read ahead to know!

Dock Plates

Dockplates can come in handy when you need to fill a gap between your dock and a truck. Dock plates offer an affordable and maneuverable option to get your product on and off  on semis. We offer both steel and aluminum dock plates.

Fill The Gap Between Trailers And Loading Docks

The most important and vital feature of a dock plate is that it bridges the gap between trailers and loading docks.

What would a smart person do? He would use a dock plate as it acts as a pathway to load items to or from the trailer. You’ll do the work in half the time!

Safety Locks For Friction

Worried that it might slip? Well, the engineers have thought this through. The dock plate has safety locks that lock the dock plate in place and you can just unclamp it when you are done. It's as easy as that!

Easy Storage

The best part about dock plates is that they can be stored whenever you like and wherever you like. Just pick it up and keep it where you want to. Just remember that it is a temporary tool and must not be mistaken for the permanent one.

Dock Levelers

Let’s talk about the dock levelers, shall we? Dock levelers have the exact same purpose as dock plates. But are they the same? A big no. And here’s why:

Permanent Fixtures

Dock levelers are used for permanent solutions. They are fixed in place, and they do not move. You cannot store it easily, and you cannot move it. There’s that!

Heavyweight Machinery

As dock plates were made for lightweight machinery, dock levelers were built for heavyweight machinery. They can withstand large and heavy equipment and machines effortlessly.

Removes Dock Shock

Dock shock is a thing that you get when you have a gap between the trailer and the loader. Use a dock leveler to ‘level up’ space, and you can carry on with your boarding and boarding smoothly in no time.

Maximum Safety

A dock leveler gives you nothing to fear. They are fixed in place and will not collapse. Their main purpose is to supply a bridge for heavy machinery, and they are made with utmost quality material that you will have no doubt but to trust the dock leveler. Your work will be as easy as ever! Contact us at www.goldkeyequipment.com for more info!