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Cable Crossovers for Your Warehouse

Cable Crossovers for Your Warehouse

We all know how important cable crossovers are to any job site, warehouse or loading dock. Keeping the cables protected from wear and tear is crucial. That's why we have cable crossovers. Basically, it's like a protective cover made out of aluminum or weight bearing durable material that surrounds the cables.

 Almost all work in warehouses is accomplished by machinery, which results in many electric cables which need to be protected. Cable Crossovers allow you to continue your work without worrying about exposed cables and hoses.

 Top 5 Cable Crossovers Reviewed In 2023

 You will find information here about the five types of cable crossovers that you should know about. Let’s break each element down.

1. Aluminum Hose And Cable Crossover 

The aluminum fabricated aluminum hose and cable crossover provides a strong functional ability as it has been designed and welded in house using C channel supports.  It can bear heavy traffic weight due to strong and durable material, that’s why traffic can pass upon it without causing wear and tear of traffic cables. 

This crossover has been designed with a tread plate; it can provide huge traction due to its surface. Although it is lightweight, the capability of this product is so high that it can bear 20,000 lbs and yet still be easily portable.

2. Extruded Aluminum Hose And Cable Crossovers

Extruded aluminum hose and cable crossover  are similar to the fabricated crossovers, but they are a bit smaller in general. These are strong, long lasting aluminum extrusions that include serrations on the bridge for better traction. These cable crossovers have a capacity of 10,000 lbs and can also be easily transported.

3. Urethane Hose And Cable Crossover

Urethane is a tough and heavy-duty material that exists in a variety of products. It can be tailored to be either rigid or flexible. Urethane cable crossovers 

can protect cables from just about anything as the weight capacity on them is over 50,000 lbs. With the addition of traction blocks on both sides, they will also keep you from slipping and protect you from tripping. 

  1. Multi-Channel Cable Protector

The multi-channel cable protectors can protect more than one cable at a time. As a result, this equipment is ideal for construction and industrial applications. Surrounded by the yellow plastic lid, it is made up of synthetic rubber. For large assemblies, the ends are closed with interlocking tabs to ensure greater safety. The capacity on these Multi-channel cable protectors is 20,000 lbs.

5.Moulded Rubber And Horse Crossover

Molded rubber and hose crossover aim at protecting cables and hoses from human and moving traffic. The top surface of each crossover incorporates curved blades for added traction. Optional connectors can be utilized to secure each unit in a broader crossroad. Just lock as many units together as necessary. The capacity of the Rubber Cable Crossover is 2,400lbs.

Having learned about important types and their benefits, what is left for you to think about? Click here to purchase your desired product at a reasonable rate.