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OSHA regulations are in place to keep your employees and visitors safe. The agency's guidelines are intended to avoid accidents and reduce the severity of any that do occur. While following OSHA requirements can be a hassle at times, the end result is a safer workplace.

You may be aware with the OSHA regulation limiting the maximum allowed grade for fully loaded forklifts if you often load and unload trucks. If you're not familiar, here's the gist: Part three, section seven of OSHA/ANSI B56.1 establishes a specific rule for loaded forklifts, requiring that they not traverse grades over a given angle. Due to the gradient, this rule helps to prevent forklift mishaps such as tip-overs and out-of-control machines.

Using a forklift to load a truck might make maintaining within OSHA requirements difficult. Wheel risers are one of the most basic solutions.


What exactly are wheel risers?

Aluminum Wheel Risers are ramps that are meant to sit in front of the loading dock. The rear of the trailer elevates as the truck backs up onto the risers, bringing it closer to the loading dock's level. This guarantees that the loading and unloading methods adhere to OSHA's safety standards. Metal wheel risers are composed of welded, lightweight aluminum and are extremely durable. Truck tires with quarter-inch metal treads have higher traction. Steel wheel risers are comparable, although they are significantly heavier.

Wheel Risers for Loading Docks are available in a variety of types and sizes. Gold Key Equipment offers models with lift heights of 6, 8, 10, or 12 inches in 18-inch and 24-inch widths. Optional anchors can be used to secure the risers to the ground. Because of the welded fork pockets, risers can be transported by forklift, by hand with factory-installed rubber wheels, or with a portable wheel riser caddy.


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