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Protect Your Loading Dock and Trailer with Dock Bumpers

Protect Your Loading Dock and Trailer with Dock Bumpers

Are you worried about damage to your truck or loading docks from overuse? You’re not alone, because repairs  to either can take a big chunk out of users' budgets. The problem is inevitable and can't be ignored, that's why your loading dock needs dock bumpers. Dock bumpers work as a shock absorber for trailers and loading docks. They make it easier to move goods without worrying about damage.

Get To Know Dock Bumpers

Dock bumpers perform the same function as shock absorbers in engines of motorbikes. It is a kind of device covered with insulating material such as rubber or steel (in some cases). It is common that when trailers back in, they back directly into the loading dock until they touch; if the dock bumpers were not there, there would almost always be damage. However, since they absorb over 70% of friction, you can keep trailers & docks in good condition. 

When installed at the right place, dock bumpers work as a barrier between the trailer and the dock. With a dock bumper, the collision between the two occurs without rubbing or tearing.

The best part?

Dock bumpers perform the same function for any part of your warehouse. They are critical to the warehouse as they protect your heavy equipment and products from any kind of accidental damages.

In light of the increasing importance of dock bumpers, we have searched and compiled all the essential features so that you can decide easily while shopping.


Types Of Dock Bumpers (That You Must Know)

Here are 7 types of dock bumpers that you need to know about:


Laminated Dock Bumpers

Laminated dock bumpers are laminated with rubber, and they provide more economical and durable protection to the trailer and dock.

Speciality Molded Dock Bumpers

The rubber containing nylon and polyester are used to make specialty molded dock bumpers. They can be used on trucks handling low traffic to protect walls and floors.

Extruded Bumpers

The lightweight and easy-to-install extruded bumpers are used to protect the dock and trailers in broader space. Their constituent material is resistant rubber that is safe to use for all weathers.

Extruded Bumper Stops

Extruded bumper stops are used at parking places of warehouses and are made up of solid rubber.

Hardened Molded Bumpers

 To provide high impact resistance, rubber combined with fiber and nylon containing hardened mold bumpers is used. You have to use steel rings for their installation.

Trailer Crane Bumpers

As the name shows, trailer crane bumpers are used to absorb the energy of working cranes, thereby protecting the crane. 

Rounded Dome Bumpers

These hemispherical, rounded dome buffers are used under trail and dock. Due to their small size, they can be used in small areas too and guarantees their protection.


Dock bumpers: Why Are They Important?

Dock bumpers cushion the stress when they finally contact the structure and then absorb the impact. Although they have application in backing trailers, their most prominent use is a shock absorber.

Moreover, properly selected dock bumpers can ensure the safety of dock levelers. Due to increased work on loading docks, these bumpers are much-needed equipment. So don't wait; just click here and shop for the dock bumper for you at Gold Key Equipment.