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Trailer Stabilizing Jack : Buying Guide

Trailer Stabilizing Jack : Buying Guide

While trailer stabilizing jacks are used for various applications in industrial and commercial areas, their primary purpose is to make a trailer stable so it can not be moved and remains stable on the loading dock. 

They prevent the trailer from sliding out, twisting, or tumbling out unexpectedly when it's lifted or unloaded. With the combination of a trailer stabilizing jack, dock leveler wheel chocks you can provide a safe environment for all your employees.

What is Trailer Stabilizing Jack?

A Trailer Stabilizing Jack is a piece of equipment that offers an additional safety measure when loading and unloading a trailer. They are placed below the trailer and are there just in case the weight in the trailer shifts unexpectedly. The trailer stabilizing jack can be adjusted per the height of the trailer and they are available in many shapes and sizes.

How Do You Use  Trailer Stabilizing Jack?

The first part of using a trailer stabilizing jack is that you have to park your trailer at the loading dock. You can park it wherever you want. But if the place is too wobbly, we’re going to have problems. And loading dock safety has to be top of mind. Utilizing wheel chocks can also be beneficial in these situations.

The next thing is fitting the trailer, stabilizing jacks under the trailer. You start placing the jacks under the trailer, and you level them up as you go.

Once you are done, you can easily rest inside your trailer and use it however you like.

What Are Trailer Stabilizing Jack Uses?

A Trailer Stabilizing Jack can come in handy if you are parking a trailer on uneven ground or if you find the trailer rocking around while you are in it.

It can lead to a major accident if you ignore it all. As people say, safety first! Use trailer stabilizing jacks to ensure your safety in a trailer, so you and your product are protected.

Tips For Using A Trailer Stabilizing Jack

You can have more than just wobble issues if you have an unstable trailer. Your doors won’t open and close smoothly, and your refrigerator will not work properly. 

Here are a few things that you can do to make sure you are making the most of your trailer stabilizing docks:

  • Detach the semi and then place the trailer jack.
  • Avoid parking in muddy areas. The slippery land can make it uneasy about using the trailer, and you will have a hard time fitting the jacks.
  • Try using jack pads below the trailer stabilizing jacks. They can ease your work tenfold by just giving you more stability. The wooden pads don’t let the trailer stabilizing jacks sink into the ground and can prevent the jacks from spoilage.
  • Don’t extend the jacks too far up, as doing that will also make them wobbly.

And, there’s that! Don’t forget to be careful while using the jacks. Contact  goldkeyequipment.com for more info!