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When Is It Time to Replace Your Dockboard?

When Is It Time to Replace Your Dockboard?

For your loading and unloading needs, Gold Key Equipment has a large selection of high-quality dockboards. Our dockboards are built to endure repeated usage in your dock bay, from our universal steel model to our high-capacity rail dockboards, so you can get the job done safely. While our dockboards are built to last, even the most rugged dockboards will need to be changed from time to time. The technical and safety elements of your dockboard might get fatigued over time, making it dangerous to operate. We have listed the top three symptoms that your dockboard may need to be replaced:

Curbs On Both Sides Are Detaching

The key difference between dockplates and dockboards is that structural side curbs provide strength for retaining heavy loads and assist minimize equipment run-off during the loading operation. The dockboard's side curbs are either welded or bolted together to allow the dockboard to flex and last as long as possible. While checking your dockboard, make sure the side curbs are tight, the welding is still connected, and no nuts or bolts are loose or missing. The side curbs are a crucial aspect of the dockboard's weight distribution, and their removal jeopardizes the structural stability of the dockboard.

Accessory Structures Aren't Working

Our dockboards are available with a variety of accessory structures to provide a safe and efficient loading operation. While looking for cracks and scrutinizing side curbs may seem obvious, auxiliary structures such as steel legs and locking pins are sometimes overlooked, despite the fact that they help keep you safe by holding your dockboard firmly in place during the loading and unloading operation. Check that the bolts or welds that link the steel legs to the dockboard's body are secure before utilizing them. Check that the locking pins, if any, are in good working condition. If these components are not firmly attached, your dockboard may slip when loading. Finally, double-check that the forklift chains and lifting handles are in excellent working order.

Engineers precisely built each of our dockboards to carry weight efficiently between delivery trucks and your warehouse's dock bumper. The steel or aluminum structure of your dockboard may begin to flatten or deform as a result of repetitive cargo movements. A dockyard's weight distribution is governed by its shape. After it has flattened or the shape has deformed, your board is in danger of breaking. As a result, stress fractures or tiny cracks on your board are possible. If you see your dockboard has flattened or warped, or if you notice any stress fractures, no matter how little, stop using it right once.

Always be cautious and examine before usage!

When it comes to loading dock safety, it's always better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you inspect your dockyard thoroughly before each use. It's critical to trust your instincts and refrain from using it if you observe any symptoms of danger. In comparison to the costs of a workplace accident, the cost of a new dockboard pail.

Do you require a new dockboard? Gold Key Equipment carries a large assortment of high-quality dockboards. Email us at sales@goldkeyequipment.com  and we'll be pleased to help you choose the dockboard that's ideal for you!