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Plastic Pallets Vs Wood Pallets

Plastic Pallets Vs Wood Pallets

The pallets you use to transport products can have a significant influence on your bottom line. While it may appear that pallets are unimportant, the fact is that they constitute a significant cost to enterprises. In some circumstances, switching from traditional wooden pallets to plastic pallets can result in cost savings and a return on investment.

This is why:


Plastic pallets are more robust and long-lasting than wooden pallets. They will not splinter or become loose with usage. You won't have to worry about errant nails ruining your goods, and your pallets will be resistant to dampness, insects, and other typical wood illnesses. Plastic pallets outlive wooden pallets in nearly every application. Cleaning a plastic pallet is as simple as spraying it down when not in use; wooden pallets take dirt and moisture with them everywhere they go.


There are two types of plastic pallets: perforated deck plastic pallets that allow moisture to pass through and solid deck plastic pallets that have a non-perforated solid top. Anti-slip grommets on both the top and bottom of the deck may be used to keep the pallet secure during shipping and when on a forklift. Metal inserts on certain plastic pallet variants allow them to be utilized on an unsupported rack. Plastic pallets with dynamic fork capacities ranging from 600 lbs. to 3,960 lbs. are available from Gold Key Equipment. Whatever the application, there is a plastic pallet that can handle it.



Plastic pallets are more cost-effective in the long run than wooden pallets when pallets are returned for re-use. They require less replacement, are easier to maintain, and cause less product damage.

Plastic pallets shine in businesses that deal with sensitive items and must keep them clean. Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, dairy and beverages, and perishable foods are among examples. Pallets are often returned to the plant for re-use in these sectors. There is less chance of product loss from pallet breakage, and plastic pallets are easier to clean, which is vital in these businesses.

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