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Protect & Beautify With Decorative Bollards

Protect & Beautify With Decorative Bollards

Protective bollards are a tried and true method of keeping facilities and people safe. Bollards prevent collisions and damage to buildings, machinery, shelving units, interior and exterior corners, and other structures. They offer a straightforward answer to a prevalent issue. When bollards are required in non-industrial environments, a difficulty develops. The traditional bright yellow industrial bollards aren't particularly appealing. This is where ornamental bollards may help.

If you operate or own a facility that wants to have a more visually appealing appearance (for example, non-industrial buildings, housing projects, parks, parking lots, walkways, etc.), you may brighten things up while still safeguarding assets by investing in decorative bollards. These beautiful bollards serve the same purpose as industrial bollards, but with a much prettier appearance. With a variety of styles to select from and prices to suit all budgets, ornamental bollards are one of the simplest methods to increase safety while preserving an appealing appearance.

Decorative bollards may be made from a variety of materials, including cast iron, stainless steel, chrome, and aluminum, to achieve a variety of looks. Extensive column tapers, curves, and fluting are used in certain designs to generate a variety of styles ranging from conventional to contemporary. Visitors to your location will notice these bollards as design components. Detachable, surface mount, & pour-in-place decorative bollards are offered in a range of functional combinations. Cast iron bollards, such as the Vestil BOL-OR-40-BK, are popular because of their removability, aesthetics, and durability. Stainless steel bollards are also appropriate in some instances.decorative aluminum bollard

Bollards, when properly installed, offer a protective barrier and are great for safeguarding walkways, machinery, parking lots, building exteriors, and other structures. And with beautiful bollards, you can maintain the same level of security without detracting from the aesthetic of your place. This is especially effective in street or sidewalk-facing retail establishments where both safety and aesthetics are important.

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