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Best Pallet Racking Accessories For Your Warehouse

Best Pallet Racking Accessories For Your Warehouse

Today, a lot of industrial storage options are available for stockrooms and warehouses. But the truth is their level of safety differs. A lot of storage options out there endangers stored items and the employees entrusted with arranging and retrieving these items. That is why we have come up with some of the best pallet racking accessories you need to consider. Let’s get started shall we?

Open Area Rack Decking 

The open area rack decking is the first one on our list of best pallet racking accessories you should consider. With the equipment, you can hand stack boxes back and forth without any hassle. It also reduces the chances of liable damages to the barest minimum.


Before we pinpoint some of the benefits of the pallet racking accessory , let’s take a look at some of the features.


  • Top hats are approximately 3 to ½ wide. 
  • The valleys are about 2 to ½ wide.
  • While the slotted holes are 1” by 3”, the top slotted holes are 1-¼ by 2-½. 
  • The pallet racking equipment has the fire protection feature.
  • The 22 gauge steel rack comes with a dazzling finish that makes the pallet racking accessory more industrial.  
  • It offers a uniform strength which cuts across shelvings. That makes it ideal for keeping furniture, files, to mention a few.
  • It has a 42 inch deep racking for the pallet rack beam.
  • It is available in different custom sizes. 


  • The steam beam has tek screws that avert accidental dislodgment of your products. 
  • It is durable for most loading requirements.
  • When you decide on the pallet racking accessory, you can hand load boxes slide off and on without any hassle whatsoever.

Gravity Flow Inserts

The next industrial equipment allows you to convert a pallet rack into a flow rack. All it takes is to insert gravity flow inserts in the pallet rack beams. It is sometimes referred to as carton flow racks. 


  • The side frames are fashioned with galvanized steel and aluminum end hangers. 
  • It comes with a 42” deep pallet rack frame.
  • The pallet rack beam is approximately 38-½ long. 
  • It has a uniform strength of about 50 pounds per foot.


  • The fast access speed to the product and the convenience that comes with the equipment makes it a perfect fit for warehouses and other kinds of distribution centers. 
  • Gravity flow inserts is a holy grail for warehouses/stockrooms that deal with large volume products, goods with expiring dates, and other kinds of items that require constant restocking. 
  • It is pretty easy to install gravity flow inserts 
  • Other than that, it saves time, stress, and increases your level of productivity.

Back Guard for Pallet Rack

Back guard for the pallet rack reduces the chances of accidental fall of items. Should the pallet racking break or the fork truck driver places a pallet too deep into a rack. The back guard will ensure that nothing falls either by a lift truck or on rare occasions when the pallet breaks. 


  • The equipment comes with a modular sized panel that is mounted straight to the pallet rack system.
  • It is fashioned with a 2” X 2” X 10 gauge steel welded wire mesh 
  • A 1-1/4 “ 1 X 1-¼ X 13 guage steel angle frame.  
  • There are panel mounting holes on 6” centers .
  • Lastly, to ensure that the panels overhang the beams, users have two options. The first is to offset the brackets. The other is to flush the mount.


  • In a nutshell, the back guard protects the members of your team and your items from unsafe situations.

Pallet Support Bars

This provides support for heavy loads and pallets that are not of standard size. Here’s how they work. The pallet support bars are connected to the pallet rack step beam and backs a load.


  • It comes in two models SSB-42 and PSB-42. The former is 1-½ high and fashioned to sit flush with the rack step beam on the top. While the latter is 1” high and can be utilized with plywood or practice boards. 
  • It is made of boxed steel bars to fit the 42” rack 14 gauge material standard. 


  • The pallet support improves the safety of your pallet racks.
  • It distributes the weight evenly by taking load off the beams of the pallet rack. 

Pallet Rack Wire Decking

Pallet rack wire decking supports the weight of the pallet by distributing the weight. 


  • It comes with three 13 gauge “U” channels 
  • A fitted 1-½ step steam
  • It has a uniform load strength of approximately 2,500 lbs. 



  • With pallet rack wire decking, you stand a chance to have safe storage for a minimum cost.
  • It prevents loss of products and spillage of flammable materials.
  • It reduces the chances of hazardous occurrence to the barest minimum. 

Pallet Racking

In a way or another most of the pallet racking accessories discussed above are designed to support the pallet racking system. Apart from the fact that it’s fast, the pallet racking system makes it hassle-free to store, locate and retrieve your goods.


  • Pallet racking has uniform strength.
  • The surface feature is designed with powder coat finishing.
  • It capable of resisting rust and scratch 
  • It is sturdy


  • The racking system makes it possible to be organized.
  • It reduced the rate of accidents and other hazardous events.
  • It makes your work space safe not just for your goods but your employees.

Nylon Pallet Rack Netting

The nylon pallet rack netting system serves as a modern alternative to the anti-collapse mesh at the back of the racks. It protects easily damaged goods in the warehouse.


  • It has a black nylon ties in the netting  and the pallet racking.
  • A nylon mesh rope which is approximately 3/16” thick and 4” by 4” holed
  • It comes with a polypropylene edged rope. 
  • It has the strength of withstanding 2,500 lb weight. 


  • It is easy to install
  • It requires zero maintenance 


After reviewing our variety of different products to both improve efficiency and safety, we believe there is something here that is perfect for your own situation.

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  • I appreciate you informing us that pallet support bars are made of boxed steel bars that help support heavy loads and pallets that are not of standard size. I need a new racking system for my retail store’s warehouse, so I was considering getting one made of steel. I’ll have to get in touch with a pallet supplier soon so I can inquire if they have steel cages available. https://www.halfpricepallets.com.au/pallets

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