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Best Uses for Cantilever Storage Racks

Best Uses for Cantilever Storage Racks

Cantilever storage racks are a type of static storage device that has a wide range of applications. Cantilever racking shines when you need to store lengthy, bulky, or otherwise difficult objects. It is not a suitable solution for everyday storage of palletized products.

Learn more about cantilever storage racks and how to utilize them in your warehouse by reading on.

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How Can Cantilever Racking Be Used in Your Facility?

At first view, cantilever racking may appear to be a one-trick pony. Because of the simplistic layout, which uses storage arms that extend out from the upright base, this sort of racking will not be suitable for all of your goods. However, selective pallet racking systems might be said to be similar because they're often used for conventional palletized loads and not much else.

Cantilever storage racks, on the other hand, are far more adaptable than they look at first glance. Let's look at some of the most typical applications for cantilever racking.

  1. Wood, drywall, and other construction materials

Cantilever racks are ideal for lengthy materials like timber because of their open arm design. Specialty cantilever lumber racking may be available, which is ideal for storing plywood, lumber, veneer, and other goods such as sheetrock.

These goods, as well as other irregularly shaped construction supplies like drywall, may be properly stored on cantilever racking arms while being accessible to employees. Teams can transport problematic goods rapidly from storage and effectively store things, saving time on the warehouse floor.


  1. Bulky items and large pallets

While it may not appear to be the first choice, cantilever racking may be a viable option if you frequently deal with huge pallets or large objects that won't fit in regular pallet racking bays. Furniture cantilever racking, which has a stronger arm structure and the potential to accept more decking, may be beneficial in some warehouses.

Large objects and non-standard pallet sizes might be difficult to pull up with a forklift from regular pallet racking. Standard cantilever storage racking will be ideal in this situation. Items can span the length of the racking arms, and employees can readily access them with a forklift via the middle of the rack, which is unobstructed.


  1. Storage of steel tubing and pipes

Long goods like steel tubing or pipe fit perfectly on cantilever racking, which should come as no surprise. If your warehouse has a lot of inventory, pipe, or tubing, cantilever racking can assist your staff reach products in a manner that normal pallet racking and industrial shelving can't.

Other storage considerations, such as deflection, will still need to be considered, but we'll get to that later. Outside of cantilever racks, there is no better alternative for storing pipes, tubing, or other lengthy items.

  1. Beams made of steel

Long, thick, and heavy steel beams are common. Safely keeping such things is an issue of both your team's and your product's safety.

When you look at the fundamental structure of cantilever racking, it may appear that it isn't adequate to the challenge of holding such weight. Fortunately, the tough steel arms of this form of racking are up to the task of storing a wide range of heavy products. You'll still want to make sure your racking can handle the weight, although a standard 48X4 cantilever racking arm can sustain roughly 2,000 pounds.


  1. Carpet 

Rolls Carpet rolls are a difficult thing to manage. It's also critical to keep stock off the ground. Dirt and debris from your warehouse floor are the last thing you want to happen to your merchandise.

You'll want to use cantilever racking in this circumstance, as you may have anticipated. It's ideal for dealing with troublesome objects such as rolled carpet.

Safely Storing Items On a Cantilever Rack

Cantilever racking is ideal for goods that aren't typical. You'll need to know the ins and outs of correct storage for both safety and efficiency, whether you're employing cantilever lumber racks or normal cantilever racking.

Cantilever racks are robust and dependable, but there are a few important elements to consider if you want to get the most out of your storage system.

Deflection: Everything You Need to Know

When a product bends in the midst of the racking arms, it is referred to as deflection or sagging. Because cantilever systems don't usually come with decking, goods can easily flex and be harmed if they're stored wrongly.

If too much weight bends the material, the bend might be downward, or upward if the objects are too long for the storage arms. Deflection can be avoided by determining correct lateral spacing. Because you'll want to employ the fewest number of storage arms feasible in most circumstances, achieving the right balance between arm count and load deflection will be difficult.

Various Arm Types for Various Applications

Standard straight arms or inclined arms may be available in certain modular cantilever racking systems. Each can contribute to the secure storage of particular things.

Straight arms, for example, function well with flat materials like timber or angle iron. If you're storing spherical objects like steel tubing or PVC pipes, however, inclined arms are the ideal option. During storage, the slope helps prevent any rolling or movement.

It's Important to Pick the Right Materials

You'll most likely have to choose between structural steel and roll-formed racking when shopping for cantilever racking. Your precise requirements will help you choose which material is best for your application.

Structural steel is the chosen material for high weights that require heavy-duty storage. You'll discover sturdy steel I-beam construction and dependable four-bolt arm and column attachments. Roll-formed cantilever racking, on the other hand, is best suited to small to medium weights, despite its durability.

Are you looking for low-cost cantilever storage racks?

Storage racks with cantilevers are far more adaptable than they look. They are, as we've seen, the best solution for storing irregularly shaped or lengthy items. The large spread arms provide the ideal foundation for things that would not fit on normal pallet racks.

Our storage professionals at Gold Key Equipment are available to assist you if you're looking for high-quality cantilever racking for your facility. Not only do we have a wide selection of economical used and new cantilever racking, but our team is also pleased to help with other aspects of the purchase process, such as facility design and installation.

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