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Adjustable Steel Gantry Cranes - Knockdown

Adjustable Steel Gantry Cranes - Knockdown

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Model: AHSN-4-15-9
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Weight: 827 lbs 827 lbs
Height: 116.5 in 116.5 in
Width: 61.875 in 61.875 in
Depth: 179.75 in 179.75 in
Lead time: 20 20 Days

The industrial steel Gantry crane is designed for transporting and positioning materials along the beams length. The solid steel construction will provide years of service. Unit comes standard four (4) position locking swivel casters with roller bearings. Locks the rigging in 1 of 4 positions; you can set the wheels and push the gantry crane forward, back, left or right. There is an optional total locking casters that lock the rigging in any position and locks the wheel from rotating.

More economical and flexible than permanent cranes and features a quick setup design. Painted blue finish with warning and operating stickers and complete owner's manual. Designed for semi-permanent or permanent applications. Requires assistance from fork truck to set-up. Assembly is required.


  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction for long lasting use
  • Each unit includes four swivel glass filled nylon casters with four-way position locks for safe positioning
  • Easily maneuvered between stations when unloaded
  • All units comply with applicable CMAA and ANSI specifications
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AHSN-4-15-9 Knockdown Crane 15'x9' Nylon 4K
Weight : 827 lbs
Height : 116.5 in
Width : 61.875 in
Depth : 179.75 in
Lead time : 20 Days

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