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Drum Grab

Drum Grab

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Weight: 19 lbs 19 lbs
Height: 12 in 12 in
Width: 22.5 in 22.5 in
Depth: 21 in 21 in
Lead time: 2 2 Days

The three-arm secure grip overhead Drum Lifter is designed exclusively for lifting closed-head and open-head 55 gallon steel drums with a secured lid installed (not for use on open-head steel drums without a lid). Unit is designed for quick and easy one person operation. This product works on select 55 gallon plastic & fiber drums with a top lip strong enough to hold the weight of the drum. Designed for quick and easy one person operation with drum in a vertical position.

The narrow profile design is great for picking up drums packed close together. The three-arm ductile-iron design offers maximum strength and simplicity allowing the centering of the drum under the lifter. The polyurethane "spring" loop keeps the lifter securely engaged to the drum which is especially beneficial when using the lifter in a rough environment. Unit must be manually disengaged from drum when finished with use. Patented design with a large lifting ring for use with most overhead lifting mechanisms. This drum grabber was designed in Australia winning several awards.


  • Designed to securely lift closed & open-head 55 gallon steel drums with lid
  • One person design makes for quick and easy operation
  • Three-arm ductile-iron design offers maximum strength and simplicity
  • Narrow profile easily picks up drums packed close together
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DRUM-GRAB Drum Grab 2.2k
Weight : 19 lbs
Height : 12 in
Width : 22.5 in
Depth : 21 in
Lead time : 2 Days

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