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Horizontal Drum Tap

Horizontal Drum Tap

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Model: TAP-3
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Weight: 2 lbs 2 lbs
Height: 6 in 6 in
Width: 4.25 in 4.25 in
Depth: 8 in 8 in
Lead time: 2 2 Days

This unique horizontal drum tap will allow you to open a two (2) inch drum bung, empty the contents of the drum, and close the drum bung, all with the drum in the horizontal position. Eliminates the need to rotate the drum into the vertical position to gain access. Operation is simple: attach drum tap to bung with locking ring, push handle towards drum and twist to unscrew bung, pull handle out away from drum to empty drum contents.

Reverse operation to close drum and remove drum tap from bung. This product saves time, energy, and reduces the risk of spills. May be used to fill drums in the horizontal position with the bung positioned at the top of the drum. O-rings are made of nitrite rubber.


  • Open, empty, and close a 2" drum bung horizontally
  • Eliminates need to rotate the drum to gain access
  • Operation is simple to empty drum contents
  • Save time, energy, and reduce risk of spills
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TAP-3 Horiz Drum Tap w/2" Bung Size
Weight : 2 lbs
Height : 6 in
Width : 4.25 in
Depth : 8 in
Lead time : 2 Days
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