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Mobile Gasoline Powered Drum Crusher

Mobile Gasoline Powered Drum Crusher

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Model: HDC-900-GPT
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Weight: 2421 lbs 2421 lbs
Height: 105.625 in 105.625 in
Width: 83.25 in 83.25 in
Depth: 138.375 in 138.375 in
Lead time: 120 120 Days

Take the mobile gasoline powered drum crusher to where the drums are! Save time and trips by transporting drums that are already crushed. Features a Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine with a mushroom-head emergency stop button that will instantly shut down the unit. A Hydraulic reservoir holds hydraulic oil. Power tilt and integral trailer with stabilizing outriggers, nose jack and tail/brake lights. Exterior tension mounted twin cylinders eliminate rod buckling and damage. This crusher has a foot pedal control for the crushing operation and door interlock system that requires the door to be closed for the cycle to operate. The built-in drum head piercing spike relieves pressure inside sealed drums. This unit must be used in well-ventilated area (not for use indoors) and may be used attached or unattached to a vehicle. A air/oil cooler is included to prevent overheating during continuous operation. The drum crushing operation is fully-automatic, crushes the drum then resets itself. Do not attempt to crush smooth-walled drums with this machine. Drum must be ribbed to crush properly.


  • Gasoline engine includes an emergency stop button to instantly shut down the unit
  • Exterior tension mounted twin cylinders eliminate rod buckling and damage
  • Includes an air/oil cooler to prevent overheating during continuous operation
  • Operation is fully-automatic for optimal results
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HDC-900-GPT Gas Powered Drum Crusher
Weight : 2421 lbs
Height : 105.625 in
Width : 83.25 in
Depth : 138.375 in
Lead time : 120 Days

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