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Stainless Steel Electric Pallet Truck

Stainless Steel Electric Pallet Truck

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Model: ULM-EPT-2745-44
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Weight: 1120 lbs 1120 lbs
Height: 56 in 56 in
Width: 28 in 28 in
Depth: 72 in 72 in
Lead time: 9999 9999 Days

The Stainless Steel electric pallet truck is an ideal supplement to food service and other sterile settings. The 304L stainless steel construction, including hydraulic cylinders and piston provides not only a strong structure for transferring heavy loads between work areas, but is also easily washable. An enclosed shelter for electronic components that is simple to access for general upkeep, while the humidity resistant electronics are great for working in difficult conditions.

The adjustable height handle with built in horn helps maintain an ergonomic posture of the user during use. The emergency stop is perfectly located near the driving position of the unit for a rapid shut-down in the case of a crisis. During use the unit maneuvers efficiently on its waterproof roll wheels. Unit comes standard in 304 Stainless Steel (316 Stainless Steel is an option, contact factory for pricing). Battery is 24V.


  • Stainless steel finish for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable driving height
  • Quick shut down in case of emergency
  • Enclosed components for general safety
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ULM-EPT-2745-44 SS Elect Pallet Truck 24V 4.4K
Weight : 1120 lbs
Height : 56 in
Width : 28 in
Depth : 72 in
Lead time : 9999 Days

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